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wf1How does Workaforce work?

Get top freelancers to start working on your projects.

Post a project

Use our quick and easy form to describe the project you want done.

  • Specify the tasks, confirm project deadline and set a budget.
  • Review bids, pick your freelancer and pay a deposit to start the project.

Once a project is completed — and you are totally satisfied — payment is released to the freelancer through our protected payments system.


Discover top freelancers and pick the best fit

Assess freelancers’ skills and choose the best that fits your project requirements.

– Review profiles and submitted bids

Read through their proposals, and their portfolios.

– Get in touch

Chat with the freelancers to further know more about their skills and availability.

Meet Work stream

Keep track of every project and communicate your ideas.

Work streams has everything needed to produce great work: share assets and feedback all from the same space. Real-time notifications to help you track freelancer progress.


The freelancer completes a project and delivers

Once a project is completed and delivered and you’re totally happy with the work done, you then confirm that your project is completed and delivered, funds are released to freelancer.

Rate the freelancer

Give a rating based on your experience with the freelancer.

Leaving a feedback after a project is completed is important to us. Give your freelancer a rating, write an in-depth review and share your experience to help future clients.


Find an expert for anything

Get started today to boost your business. Post your project and start receiving proposals from top freelancers.
Manage the entire project within Workaforce and pay securely with confidence.